Technical Challenge via External Hard Drives

First of all thanks for taking the time to read this :)  --. I know how to use a 3rd party software on the computer to map a network drive and stream them through a computer shared to the xbox 360. But that challenge is sound now.

Here is the challenge i cannot figure out:

I recently moved all of the equipment and i would rather ( if plausable)  I have a Linksys  E4000 router that i have hooked my external hard drive up to. I am wanting to have my External hooked up to my router and then have my xbox see the external to steam my music and videos. I know nothing about port forwarding and all of that so if that is what is needing to be done ill need some instructions please. 

Does anyone have any ideas about how i could make this happen? Much appreciated in advanced :)

Happy gaming!!


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easier way.

Download the program Tversity media server.  as long as you got wireless internet  to your xbox and PC you will show up.

hope this helped. its what I do to both xbox and ps3. xbox gets my music streams and low quality videos,

ps3 i can actually copy high quality video to the PS3 hard drive.

also it sounds like you want a external drive to be sending stuff to a router, and that to stream to xbox.. I do not think that is possible.

i will check out TVersity  :) thanks! sorry if i wasnt too clear i do not want to send stuff to the router i want to connect the external harddrive to my router and have my xbox see my external. the only way i know though is through  a pc using ps3server or your product tversity

I don't think it can because the router doesn't know what to do with the external HDD. unless newer routers can, i have an old one that came out when the ps2 and original box was all the rage so routers arn't my thing. but tversity does what i want so if that works i would just use that.

You need a NAS External HDD...

You can get a little tiny box called usb to nas on fleebay, plug in a couple of ext hdd's and then connect a lan cable to it and the router.

Why waste your time with USB.. When, the NAS is connected to your Router & your Xbox + Computer, can stream off it.. You just add files to HDD's over ethernet.. QNAP NAS has a CPU controlling the communication between devices etc.. (Little RAID Server Box)