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  Battlefield 3 = squad based game.

  squad = a group of 4 players that work together to accomplish an objective by supporting each other and the team.

  Team = the other players that you are playing with that have the same objective as you.

     Battlefield 3 was made with vehicles, aircraft, and classes that cannot opperate effectively alone. No attack helicopter pilot will destroy a tank in a single fly-by without a gunner dealing the extra damage needed to destroy it. No transport helicopter has a purpose other than to be a mobile spawn point and drop players off were they are needed. No tank will be safe from C4 unless a gunner is watching were the main gun isn't pointing. The same goes for IFV's. Armored jeeps and jeeps are meant for transprt of 3-4 players. Do not, I say again, DO NOT run into a tank or IFV and think that you will survive. Armored Jeeps are only protected against small arms fire and are not fast. Buggie's and Growler's are fast and can out run IFV's and tanks. An Engineer can be independant...until he runs out of ammo. Support can be independant, until he gets shot by a sniper. A medic is independant until he runs out of ammo or runs into a tank. A recon is independant until someone takes his dogtags.

    The makers of Battlefield 3 wanted the players to work together to get the job done. Believe me, when you do, the game is so much better. Imagine all those times you're an engineer and you see that tank and you shoot 2 javelins at it and it's disabled and you run out of ammo and there's a support that drops an ammo crate and you destroy the tank. It almost sounds like a dream right? That's the way it's supposed to work. So grab some friends, pick your classes and work together and you WILL win every game


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yeah I quit rush a few times last night becuase NO one wanted to help all they wanted to do basically is sit back an tank snipe an camp all over the place. made me sick..

I play Conquest but it's the same no matter were you go

I was actually going to make a new post about this but I find that the enemy DIE more on Rush than on Conquest, I know that sounds stupid but for me that is the case If I shoot someone on Conquest even with an assult rifle they Dont Die, on Rush they do.  an Iam enjoying Rush alot more than I ever did on Bad Company 2..

I like Rush but I don't like the minimizing of the maps. I play Conquest and they seem to die pretty good. I quick scoped a headshot and put a clip of G18 into 2 people coming up the stairs on Seine Crossing within 2 seconds. They both hit the floor pretty quick.

Teamwork is dependent on being able to talk to your team, which is non existent in this game cause everyone is partied or who knows what.  They have to fix that asap.

I'm only in a party when I'm playin with my squad. we'd use the game chat but its choppy as hell