Teams Ratings in Franchise

Why are team ratings in Franchise different then the ratings in  "play now". Took the Bills thinking they were a 72, which was much lower then NE and PHIL at 92 (or so). Once I started franchise the Bills are up to 80 and the Pats and Eagles 82 or 83.

Also..Im sure this is just coincidence, but...Is there some sort of glitch where the CPU lets you comeback at the end of the game. I had 2 straight games where I had Hail Mary TDs to win games and the 3rd game Philly did everything possilbe not to win( penelties to take them out of FG range, fumbles, interceptions, bad playcalling, no coverage on def.). I tied it with a last second TD then they went on to stink bigtime in OT. I wasn't even trying ( basically gave them the ball every time)  and I ended up winning with a last sec. FG..


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