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Hello everyone i rarely post in forums i read quite a few of them but never cared to be known,

However after playing with an annoyingly large amount of non team combative players would like to have a good team.

I do know that not allot of people play ME3 MP anymore but still worth a shot,

Just a heads up i am in no way maxed out and have not even tried to raise my N7 up i just promote if i get bored and want to try from low level again.

I don't care about your skill rank weapons as long as you're a team player we can build up your weapon level and skill with matches.

I also don't really care about N7 if its well below 500 would worry me slightly but i would still play with you.

I play mostly as N7 Destroyer i use the Typhoon II and if i don't feel like wasting 50 rounds to hit something far away that i can kill with in a few shots with my Black Widow IV,

I also do fairly well as a support player using volus enggineer using the Disciple VI or the Eagle II.

Just a heads up i kill whatever is in front of me starting with the biggest threat to either me or my teammates sometimes that means i'm not shooting the brute in the distance i'm shooting the cannibal's shooting you in the back that you're ignoring so you can shoot the brute,

I don't try to "Kill steal" i just want to make sure we win and i don't get worked up or scream in my mic (reminds me please have a mic and use it, it really does help trust me).

I don't care about how many points i earn i just want to max my gear out i will try to help my allies if they fall but if you're a vanguard and you don't know how to play it (you know what i'm talking about Biotic Charge to your own doom) and you die on the other side of the map surrounded by a horde of hostiles (after doing so several times) i'm going to stop running over there to save you and instead leave you there and may not help you at all.

That being said if you know how to play your character and it happens to be a vanguard i would gladly follow your charge around the map with a hail of rounds from my Typhoon flying over head.

I don't mind support players either i have seen allot of people kick a volus out (not saying every volus is a support character that's just how allot are played and how i play mine most the time) for having a low score after a match i assume they are thinking because of a low score they did nothing when i know that in fact he spent most his time running around reviving the so called sniper who refused to move from his/her favorite perch and keeping my shield up while i took out waves of collector's.

I live in GA USA i play mostly after 11 at night till late in the night (or morning depending on your stance on it) i'm 21 so not a squeaker i use a mic as well.

So that's a basic run down on my play style if you want to play with me send me a Friend request name is same s3cti0n8Dude that's a zero not an O if you're wondering or reply i will check back regularly.

(If you do not plan on playing with me don't post or watch your language i don't need or want people arguing in my thread so keep it out or replying as if they are the god of the game and or all games just to make them selves feel like king/queen of the forum)

Again if you do not plan on playing with me then i don't want want to hear about how i need to get stronger or better gear to even think about ever playing in your shadow i do however always accept constructive criticism that does not mean being told something stupid like get better gear or complete more challenges or level up your weapons or other stupid advice that we already know if i sound harsh it's because i have seen several post's in this forum turn out like that you don't see people in the pro's telling people in the minors to get better  before they can play with them it doesn't need to be said its common knowledge.

Anyways cheers and hit me up people be happy to play silver or even bronze if i have to not gold unless i'm sure its not going to be a waste of time lol been there done that not anymore.


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