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We all know team work is a major part of the game and lets be honest with out it your teams just going nowhere so it annoys me when i see most of my team are Recon's 1 Recon per squad if its a full game is reasonable that leaves 3 Recon's in game that should be doing their job spot enemy vehicles,enemies,UAV, and other Recons. But their not the biggest problem medics and **** should do their jobs as well as a medic look for injured team mates lay down heavy fire on the enemies that's why you have an light machine gun stick with squad mates and revive them if they die also goes for teammates who are near you. **** guys should really give out more ammo and not just sit their and resupply them selves when their out of ammo and Engineer's lay down AT mines use tracer darts and use your rockets on vehicles stick with **** guys so you have ammo for when you need it and don't forget if you see a teammate in a vehicle don't be afraid to repair him . if you want to win and do the best help out work as a team that's why you have teams its not all about being lone wolf .


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I don't think that the engineers should carry the tracer dart to be honest. Yes they are the ones that are going to be making use of it but with their smgs having such a small magazine, they are needing to constantly reload and a pistol would come in handy if you are out of ammo and their are still enemies in the area. If your team is truly using teamwork, then I think the medic should carry the tracer because of the massive amount of ammo they carry in one magazine.


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yeah didnt think that through tbh haha good point tho i know this is scripted but if i had a squad who played like this id win every match [View:]

With that said, Battlefield is still the best "team working" game out there. It's obvious those to play COD just run around and don't care about anything except killing. Ghost Recon ranked pretty high up there when it was in it's hayday.

yeah Ghost Recon was a good game but battlefield is just better looking forward to see how BF3 will play out