Team Vanquish is inherently unfair to zombies.

Revivals negate points. . .Chompers are non-revivable kills.  No wonder in the post match screen the zombie pile is always much larger.

Plants can keep their score down, zombies cannot. . .


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Meh, I played as zombies 6 times today and my team only lost once. I will say that it might be a bit tougher as zombies but it's not that bad especially sticking together.

It is just my opinion but I think the revival system should be removed entirely from multiplayer, and just be left in for co-op games. It is almost always better to just revive right away instead of wait for someone to come out in the line of fire, and try to revive you(failing and dying themselves a fair bit of the time).

I originally thought plants were stronger as well but the more i'm playing it the more i'm noticing it's not the case.

I'm seeing zombies win a lot.

So far i'm seeing around around 50% of wins being zombies

totally depends on the group you're in, they are pretty well balanced in my experience and have been in runs on both sides.

Well while teams do play a factoring role, it's still inherently unequal as Zombies have no "non-revivable" classes.

But Plants do not have a distance weapon like the ZPG... each side has +/-.  IMO it comes down to the skill of the players.

Fire Pea/ Fire Cactus have distance + bleed + rapid fire + 0 cooldown.  Far better than any ZPG.

Again, yeah skill + teamwork matters. . .But it's just funny that Zombies don't have a move that makes Plants unreviviable.

It seems like thats what it is, but the games, in my experience seem to be pretty even.

I dunno. Currently at rank 78 (Should be 80 if the servers quit disconnecting and losing all my data) so I've spent an extensive amount of time on each class.  I think there's going to be a few buffs/nerfs incoming with the first major patch.

People who can win Vanquish matches as Chompers have earned the right to brag.