Team Tactical.

Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster here. There is nothing that I hate more than joining a Team Tactical game and getting crushed due to lack of team work with a group of randoms. Which brings me here, I have finally found 2 more players but we still need one more guy/gal to help us out. We aren't recruiting for a clan or anything just to play a few hours at night for fun.



I prefer the player to obviously have a mic and know how to play the game (don't be the worst of the four EVERY game). Other than that just go for the win whatever that means. I am just tired of losing because the other team is a full group of 15th 50s and know more call outs than pick-up lines haha.


So if anyone wants to play hit me up :D


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im in, however just send me a message and ill find someone to delete  off my F/L and ill add you.

hahaa i hear you man im allready on your friends list though you should have just asked me man im in

I have my little pop-ups turned off but I'll turn them on since I actually have more friends to play with now haha I just have tons of people on my friends list that I hardly ever play with

yeah my F/L is full but ill be down for some team tac maybe tonight around 6:30 or so eastern time.

I can dig that and sounds good.

alrighty, just to warn you i just prestiged so i wont be as effective as i normally would be.