Team Snipers?

why does it seem like so many people are hacking to auto aim? every game like the whole other team basically seems like they have the auto aim thing or auto headshot or something?


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Swat is all about having fast reaction times and good aim. There are many players that just seem too good at it, but trust me, they're not hacking.

Sorry i Meant Snipers, Swat im good at and know that some people are just better. But the way people get headshots as soon as people on my team spawn and the same person can headshot two people standing next to each other with two bullets is kinda suspicious.

I can assure you nobody is "hacking".


Sounds to me you're just playing against teams that know how to play Team Snipers.  It's not unusual to get spawn killed.


And why is it suspicious that two people die by two bullets?  That's kind of how the game works.

no like right after the other, i know it must just sound like im complaining about losing or whatever, i know its just a game but when the people on my team, not just me, can barely get like three kills while the other team is killing us as soon as we move i just feel like something is wrong. I mean i know a few people can be that good but when its everyone idk?

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no like right after the other


If two people are standing right next to each other you don't think it would be easy to kill both of them with two bullets?


Judging by your Team Sniper matches, maybe the sniper rifle just isn't your weapon.  Or maybe that playlist isn't for you.  I think most of the people that play Team Snipers are kind of hardcore about it.

I also wanted to add that it's not a big deal if other people are better than you with the sniper.  The only way to get better is to practice.


I'm terrible with it.  I can't get a headshot to save my life.  The only time I pick it up is if nobody else on the team is using it.

yeah i guess i need LOTS of practice then, and i do have to say for the sniper maps people usually pick hemorrhage, so they probly know the spots. Just i love snipers but i guess im way outclassed, and for when two people are right next to each other i usually overdo the aiming to get the next one, like go to far to a side and miss, so for me i guess it seems like people are way good at it, wish i had that much free time.

I've also had problems with people making impossible shots in Team Snipers. What he means about 2 people getting killed next to each other is that they both die at almost the exact same time. I don't care how godly you are, you need at least half a second to re-aim and take your shot. Some people seem like they just pull the trigger twice and get 2 kills.

Haven't seen any hackers in snipers

fluffers that is exactly what i mean, and exactly what i was trying to say!! also i have really **** luck in online games i always am the one who gets the most deaths and stuff.

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