team mates crawling into walls

im playing sp and after the special cargo mission u have to crawl to the next objective and 1 of my squad gets stuck crawling into a wall and i cant continue it keeps happening any advice lol coz its doing my head in


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happens to 30K a lot, hes retarded even for a bot. Restart from last checkpoint will reset it. Will only lose a few mins of work.

did that and the bloke did it again lol i just ran in front and bloked the wall lol so he didnt do it

frag em

does it let u lol tried shooting at him but wouldnt let me

I had that happen once.  I just reloaded last check point and went on.

30K is doing this in my game now. I just rescued that dude from the container and now I'm on to the next objective and when you have to crawl only 5 feet, he keeps going into the wall. I've restarted the checkpoint three times now and still the same thing. finally on the fourth restart it's all good. Siiiick game yo.

just run and jump the wall the bloke should crawl under and stand up no need to crawl around theres no enemies till u get to the door