Team I Punch! Recruiting now!

This is Acyd, pronounced Acid, I'm the leader of I Punch. It's a fun yet competitive clan. No members as of yet, mainly since I got the idea of beginning a clan only yesterday. I've been a part of clans before, so I know my way around things.


Team I Punch. Followed by the name of a Pokémon. Examples are I Punch Seadra. I Punch Steelix. I Punch Persian. Any Pokémon you can think of. No numbers allowed and must have spaces. So yes, joining requires a gamertag change.

Games Played

Any of the Call of Duty series, Halo and even Battlefield. Coming together to play some other game is allowed.


Leader - I Punch Pikachu
Co-Leader - N/A

Clan Codex

1. Always stand as a proud member of PKMN.
2. Take pride in the clan, attend as much events as possible.
3. Never talk bad about your clan.
4. Fight with pride - even if you die, be proud you fought for PKMN.
5. Respect is to be shown to every single member.
6. There are no offensive comments made to anyone.
7. Respect is always given to leaders and people in charge of events.
8. Any disrespect can lead to some sort of warning or punishment.
9. Despite losing, always honor your efforts.
10. Once a PKMN, Always a PKMN.


If you wish to tryout, please contact me over Live. My gamertag is I Punch Pikachu. Plus I'm getting a website up shortly, so be patient with that.


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