Team Freezes/Opponent Scores??

Ive been playing for a few wks now, but last night i saw a first.  I was playing a team that was similiar in skill to mine, i would have to say not only player skill but human skill as well.  The game was 1-1 and we were starting the second half of added time.  I started with the ball, messed around a bit, made an errand pass around mid-pitch, and right after dude got the ball, he made a thru pass and my whole team froze.  I couldnt move anyone, and all 3 of his forwards ran right by my entire defense, with a 3 on 0 "break".  They shot the ball, and as the save attempts were made, you could see my guys at the edge of the screen, prob 2/3 towards the mid-line, still frozen...and i mean the whole team, not just me, but AI as well.  Of course, they scored and went on to win the game.  Im curious if anyone knows if this was a simple glitch with the game or if it was user-generated?  I play alot of FPS games so of course i see all kinds of mods, and as soon as this happened thats all i could think of, and i want to know if i need to avoid/file against the guy would did it.  Thx


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WHAT THE ***.....just happened again.  I out shot this *** 23-6, which is why im embarrased in the 1st place it went to OT.  But as soon as he kicked off second half OT he passed to his left wing, my entire team stopped at about the 43 yd was if it was the edge of a cliff or something, they wouldnt go past an invisible line.  So he had a 4-0 break on the goalie.  Then had the gaul to talk *** like he was worth somethin??   Seems like this game is more and more like CoD the more i play it.  Please someone else tell me theyve seen this ***

never seen this before but to me sounds like a man made glitch, the guy gloating tells me that cos if you froze he would have seen that and wouldn't have felt the need to trash talk. Avoid and move on, there are many fair players on the game.

Just happened again!!  However this time, i'd have to say im not so sure it was any kind of mod or man made glitch.  Reason being, the opponent was in fact one of those fair players you just noted.  He had the same 4-0 break, scored, but after i kicked off the next time he got the ball, he kicked it back to his goalie and scored on himself.  So obviously it wasnt something he did on purpose.  I guess the other guys were just normal xbox players.....idiots.  I actually went on to win the game on PK's, so i messaged him afterwards and thanked him for being stand up, and offered him the match bonus of 800 coins for doing so.  Its nice to know there are decent players out there in this game...far and few between in the FPS genre.