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     Whats your take on friends who come into a free for all match and work together, calling out positions, etc.?

     I hear people constantly helping their buddy out by spectating and telling him to look to his left or a there's a guy behind him. If people do it that freely in public chat, you know there's people who do it even more in private chat.


     Personally ............ if I'm camping, of course I dont like it, but even if not I feel it puts me at a disadvantage. If I have an idea where someone is, and am about to hunt him down ......... and just about that time someone calls out his position, I have to turn around and forget about him. I feel like I'm cheating if I kill someone who has just been called out, even if I already knew where he was.


     I can understand the spectating being there so someone cant just camp one spot the whole match. But people do it right from the start, scrolling through and announcing the position of every player like its tdm and they just got a blackbird deathstreak.


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I was looking for a stupid idea after I saw the title....all I got was this logic crap

I guess  if you look at it from the perspective of those I'm complaining about, you have your stupid idea.



" Hey ...... lets go play some ffa but the 3 of us can work as a team. We'll still kill each other, but use teamwork to kill everyone else. And if its a close match between one of us and one of them ........ we dont kill our guy .......... and maybe even give him a few free kills on us to make sure he comes out on top.

   We can use the excuse that we hate campers to hide the fact that none of us are actually capable of winning on our own."




    I stuck around in a few matches with 3 guys doing this the other day. I was having a good time arguing with them and playing spectator bait .......... thats when you know someone is spectating and you use that against him/them. You see a guy die so you camp one spot for a few seconds, maybe even plant a claymore ............ then wait a few seconds and move, and move your claymore too.



   But anyhow ........... they were making their rules clear ....... if you camp, they were going to work together to kill you. The one rule they didnt make clear I learned when we got to stadium. I like to run with a shotty on stadium. With about 2 seconds left of the match ....... it suddenly ends and we all get booted back to the lobby. These guys start laughing and I realize that there are only 7 players . one of their "teammates" was missing.



    Update to their rules ......... " if you camp, we work together to kill you ............ dont camp and we cant get kills so one of us will run away crying and take the scoreboard with him."

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Your post has a valid point and I'm not sure why more people haven't touched on this.  But I do agree with you that it is considered cheating.  From my understanding, the point of FFA is to play without teams.  There is no party chat, so in order for them to team up, they would have to collude. 


In professional poker, this is considered cheating.   For example, when playing poker online, you never know who is at the table with you.  For the most part, it's pretty random.  You might see a few regulars, but the for the most part, everyone is random.  However, when two or more people enter a tournament or ring game with the intention of colluding, the game becomes an unfair cycle of abuse.  Player (1) may be communicating with Player (2), telling them what cards they have or letting them know if they have the top hand, thus giving them an advantage over their opponents. 


Although this example may not fit exactly,  I do believe the point is clear.  In a FFA environment, collusion is cheating.



    The way I see it ........... working with the enemy in a team type match is usually considered boosting, but it would be difficult to prove in ffa unless you recorded the chat to go with theater mode. But still, unless they are letting each other kill them, I dont know that anyone would recognize it.

   But really ......... I think no matter what game you are playing, collaborating with an opponent is cheating.



    Another issue is that so many people refuse to consider camping as a legit strategy that they use it as an excuse to do anything......... even if it was outright cheating..