Team Deathmatch/Rush Entourage

Really wanted to avoid using "bud, buddies, friends" since it might turn people away.  But title says it.  Just looking for others to play these game types regularly.


I'm 26, have a working mic, usually keep quiet so others can talk unless directed, follow direction well and even though I have a horrid k/d ratio I'll still throw myself into the frying pan if it means you get a kill.  I like doing teamwork through med pacs, Merv's (really hope that's the right word), ammo, revives, support and watching the skies with a SMAW.  I don't care about being competitive, I just want to enjoy the game with like minded people.  Soon as I can find capable friends whom I play with regularly I wouldn't mind branching out into Conquest, Squad based games and their variants.  Just gotta find the right guys/gals to get to know first.  Message me if interested, no need to respond here unless it's a friendly bump.  Thank you ^.^


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@Daldieb...I for whatever reason have been playing a lots of TDM. I can only get on for an hr here or there and I like to get a few kills so send me a FR and I will hit the BF with you .

@Dirk Pike  Really unsure if you're trolling or there is a feature I didn't see.  I don't have premium so not sure if that's where it is.  If you mean clan I've been trying.  Seems clans are rare nowadays since I can't find one.


@BiGDaDDiE  Thanks for the response, next time I'm on I'll shoot ya a message.


Again, let me reiterate, it would be alot easier to message me if interested.  I don't check these forums alot and don't wish to seem rude if I don't respond.  Thanks again.

I would add you if I were still Gold.  I'm not so I can't play BF3 anymore.  I'm not even sure when I will get Gold again.  Needed a reak from BF3 and MP games in general really, it's all I played in 2012.

I'm sure the regulars here wouldn't mind teaming up with you.  At least the ones who still play the game and don't come here for the banter.

Play sqdm, its way better.