Team 3sK - (((Recruting)))

We are looking for members that are kool and laid back. We are players that loves to play the game. We are looking for members that has respect for eachother and willing to have there team mates backs when needed. If you are a player looking to go pro or have fun then join up with us... We are willing to give anybody a chance that loves gaming. We are planing on going pro and joining other events once the team is up & rolling for GOW3. Some people judge people before giving them a chance but we are willing to work with u never know what a trained NoOooOb can turn out to be once you give them a chance to learn just like we have to. Also please be sure to check out our website we still have work to do on it but it will be ready soon as Gears of War 3 thanks for dropping by and checking out our post.

((( If your interested in joining Team 3sK PLEASE COPY&PASTE whats below and fill in the questions and leave us a post and we will get right with ASAP)))

1)Gamer Tag: 

2)Contact Email:

3)Type of Headset:

4)What type of player are you:

5)How active are you on the game:

6)Time Zone:

7)Recent Clans you were in: 

8)How many hours daily do you play?

9)Is there any days you don't or cant play?

(((GamerTag))) - Zaazous

(((Time-Zone))) - Eastern

(((Location))) - SC

(((Contact))) - *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

(((Team Web-Site))) -

(((Follow Me On Twitter))) - @Zaazous

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