Since 2002 The Dark Legion has provided a fun, supportive, and competitive gaming community for its discriminating members.

We currently focus on Halo reach and CoD Black Ops, though our members play a variety of other games as well.

We invite you to come by, spend some time perusing our forums, and consider submitting an application to our group. It will probably be the best gaming-related decision you've ever made.

The power of an army lies within its laws. An Army that obeys them will survive. One that ignores them, or that is unruly, or that makes light of their officers, that Army will surely die upon the field to their betters, and no better fate would they deserve.

The 12th Axiom of Leadership - The Legionnaire's Field Guide


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Monday and Wednesday evenings (starting at 8 PM US Central time) you can find The Dark Legion on Xbox Live playing our favorite games (currently Halo Reach and CoD Black Ops).  Come join us!

We have an extremely active forum too, where we discuss everything related to gaming (of course) as well as a variety of other topics from movies to politics and everything in-between.  Come check us out!  

We meet as a clan every Mon and Wed night.  Why not fill out an app and make some new friends tonight??!!

Unlike many (most?) other clans we are mainly interested in QUALITY, not quantity.  By quality we mean quality of character, not skill.  Sure, it's great if you are a Halo or CoD beast with a ridiculous k/d ratio...but we're much more interested in finding new members who are mature, friendly, and exhibit good sportsmanship.  Those are the traits we value the most.  We are a relatively small group (approximately 35 active members) and we like it that way.  Many of our members have been with us for over three years (some have been around for as long as eight years), but we're always on the lookout for a few more people to join us.  Why not take a few minutes to look over our forums and throw in an app?

9 out of 10 dentists agree that TDL is the best clan to brush your teeth with.


All new recruits receive a free Brahman Cow as a gift!