Taptiles permissions and high scores

Why does that game requires access to my picture library? There is nowhere in the application where I can see this permission being used. When a permission is not evident why it is required, it should be described why it is required. And if not needed should not be required. In XBox Solitaire Collection you can create your own themes from your pictures, so I see the use there, but here? Also, it would be nice if high scores could be synced through the XBox connection between different PCs and not only the achievements.

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Hi lepoete73, this is definitely an error, because we did not intend for Taptiles to require access to your picture library. We're investigating this on our end right now. Can you please let us know exactly what is happening in the game when it notifies you about requiring access to your pictures library? What is the exact text of the message?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for the problem!


It's not in the game, it's the permissions it is asking for when installing from the Windows Store.  I just found it odd that it required it.