Talk me off the ledge.

I am fairly new to MMO games, but not at all new to the ES universe. This is a game that I have greatly looked forward to for a long time now. So I am of course extremely disappointed and frustrated with the lack of performance and crazy amount of issues that I have experienced thus far with it. I can barely actually get logged in, when I do though I can maybe play for about an hour or so without problems arising. I am either getting booted from the game completely, my group members become invisible or encounter bugs with quests or gameplay in general. I am doing my best to temper my frustration and sheer anger with the situation having read over and over that this is merely common rollout MMO problems that get fixed over time.


Now, is it in fact a realistic expectation for this game to be playable and enjoyed with the magnitude of issues currently? I really want to love this game as I expected to do given how much I love the ES universe and its predecessors. What can be expected going forward? I appreciate any feedback and look forward to seeing you all in the game!


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It sucks, plain and simple. I've been fairly lucky so far and haven't experienced many issues with the game - I had about a ten minute login que but that's it. I've been having fun with it and I'm confident Zenimax will iron out the kinks alot of people seem to be experiencing with the game. Patience isn't easy especially given the anticipation for this game...I mean it's Elder Scrolls! And people love them some Elder Scrolls. I would recommend not getting so worked up over something that is out of your control. Play something else and come back to this - Diablo III, Dragon Age, Witcher, Rogue Legacy, give one of those a try to take your mind off of it. If that simply isn't an option for you (and I really couldn't blame you - spending 60 dollars on a game you expect it to function day 1) maybe try logging in during non peak hours. Uninstall and reinstall. If those don't help then it's out of your hands and it just becomes a waiting game - hopefully Zenimax will give some free crowns away once the issues do get worked out - it's the least they can do.

Just come down off the ledge lol everything will be ok.

People really need to read up on how 99% of the large scale mmos have ALL gone through horrible launch/ 1st week issues. you guys really think WoW, Runescape, Ever Quest, etc worked flawlessly during launch? Not at all. At least with ESO I have been able to put about 15 hours into it already. When WoW launched I got to play maybe 3 hours in the first week!

you people, I meant you people, thats even worse, if it weren't for you people...

I can certainly say that I was reluctant to purchase this at release due to the nature of these type of games. I was only a bystander during some of the games in the past that had huge issues at launch, so I was thinking this would probably follow suit. Not sure why I didn't quite understand the scope of how bad it really could be though.

No offense was taken at all Mr. Durva. I had a genuine inquiry and figured I'd get some passionate responses, especially from those with a good bit of experience with this style of game. I myself have always been a console gamer so I certainly am in no way savvy to the MMO world and what exactly I should have expected. I do though at the very least have a general understanding of the undertaking it is to have millions of gamers taking part in a digital world while at the same time making sure that everything runs smooth as butter. Common sense should tell me that there was no way in Hades that it was gonna run efficiently from the start.

Hopefully I can at least get into a game when I get home from work tonight because I couldn't even get in the actual que last night. Just kept getting an error telling me to go to the ES website for customer service.

I Durva I think its opposite, I think its PC players that expect this on PC did not expect this on console so are *** that now they are dealing with the same crap they did on the PC, making them regret ever getting the game when they already dealt with this issue once.  Regular Xbox gamers already knew this would happen.

most popular games have major issues when they launch cause they're never ready for the server stress, ala bf games, glitches and bugs cant all be caught in testing or betas cause the man hours just aren't there, course some say its the players fault for accepting shenanigans, but they actually do have these problems and work on them 24/7 for the first several days, the first weekend is coming and you can bet they're working double overtime, so, do we quit gaming or accept this is how it is now, for large scale mp games anyway

off peak is the key for now

The responses are very much appreciated!! Most times it's more difficult to be rational about something until others give you more in depth and knowledgeable info regarding a frustrating issue.

My gf and I are just gonna play what we can with some Borderlands 2 and a couple other games we are working our way through together sprinkled in and wait for ESO to be good to go with only minor problems here and there.

whos you guys? op asked a good question and got good answers, non peak hours is the key for now if you can swing it, during the day and after 10 or so est, cept for fri all he11 is gonna break loose on fri

Thank you Knoley for not taking my comment as being an aggressive comment. I guess the big difference is not many xbox players on ESO have played the big name mmos on pc and are not used to launches such as this.