Tales of the Overworld. Join to meet new people while having fun!

Note: This is a Roleplaying Thread hence you have to be in Character and all people who join the thread have to join the town at a starting position. This post is where all new people join in. Please try to use your gamertag. Normally to do and say stuff you go as follows:

*Italic and Bold* = To do something

Hello = To say something


*You awake in a world filled with lush colors and plant life covering the trees. You get up and start walking and within minutes you see a small village on the horizon. It's the only people you have seen since you got to... to this place and soon you find yourself running towards with nearly no thought needed. You reach the village gates and are greeted by greetings of 'hello'*

"That, young child, is where I come in." You hear a man say, in a experienced tone, behind you "I am BiotecKiller and you have landed in this world where we all have all been trapped. Many of us have started out just as you have. Feel free to explore the town. Come see me in my office in Town Hall.


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