taking over territories

i'm at the last mission and on the map my stats say ice gotten all collectables and taken over all gangs...but when i go to extras it still says i have 2 collectables left and afew gangs to take out...i want to get the chevos and all...am i missing something here?? on the in game map there are dark shades of grey indicating nothing has been taken over..i'm confused


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In the areas of your map which are greyed out, they usually represent undiscovered Gang Activities. I suggest taking a Eagle Helicopter (Or even a VTOL), and fly around those areas. When the gang appears, blast them with your rockets/missiles for quick kills.

Collectible wise, there is a Collectible hunter upgrade, which when you purchase it, will show the locations on the map for the collectibles. Word of warning... some of the collectibles are in dastardly places to get to, I suggest taking a Specter/Ultor Interceptor (The Jet Bike) when you go hunting as it's small and fast enough to speed you along.

I had one that was close to the boats ( in the water) was the one I was missing.  I cant remember what part of the map its on but it's in the water.

have the map of where collectables are and ive been to every inch of the map those icons that normall appear for activities and such dont show up...but yet it says i got all gangs...i even got the cheevo for clearing out all the gangs

@PhDPeddler: The Gang Activity your thinking of is the boat right behind the 3 Count Casino. It is advised that you take a helicopter or VTol to easily clear those mask wearin effers out.

Hey thanks.  That is the one that took me forever to find.

the collectible you said that won't show up is probably the one int the cave down below were the icon appears  

There are two caves if I remember right??