Taking down helicopters?

Does anyone have any tips on taking down choppers ? I usually play Rush and the Helicopter Wh0res that circle strafe are really annoying , And I was wondering what tactics and equipment are best for taking them down . I usually use the AT4 and I have a hard time leading them because I can never guess the way the chopper will move and how fast the rocket will travel . Any help would be appreciated.


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use Carl Gustav... or the gunner seat in tanks.

Circle Strafers suck regardless and you mostly have to get lucky.

Circle straphers are actually pretty easy to take down. Find a spot where you can hit them in the belly, once you are used to the speed of the rockets it is easy to hit predictable choppers.

the ones that really suck are the ones that fly in weird sporadic patterns. They are just plain unstoppable unless you get lucky. Got almost a 100-0 game doing this on Oasis, too. Helicopters are ridiculous in this game.

Using a mounted machine can be very affective. If you are willing to give up your pistol position for the tracer dart equipment. This can also be affective assuming you have opportunities to hit the helicopter. Its best to evaluate the situation figure out what your going against and use what works best for you.

for me the best way to take down those noobie circle strafers is to use the m95 because you can kill a chopper in 10 shots and their is less time difference in between you and the chopper with bullets

Get good with the trazer.......... use the carl gustav or the rpg-7

That's the two rocked with a lock-on capability.

The At-4 doeas take a lot more practice to get good with.

Oh, and chose extra damage aswell. The you will take down the choppers with armour, with one hit

I like to use a KORD or TOW if they're near and I have a clear shot. Especially on Valiparaso.