Taken King Vault & Exotic Updates

Kind of suprised nobody allready has this posted! New Info from the livestream.

Lots of increased valut space, 72 slots for weapons, another 72 for armor and 36 for everything else.

Emblems, Shaders & Ships! unlocked can be equipped from kiosks now that are shared between all characters like the vault is. (I know this was already announced for elmbems and shaders but I hadn't heard ot announced for ships before).

Exotics also have a kiosk for Exotic blue prints any exotic you have gotten you can get again by going to the kiosk!

Some year one exoctics have update year two versions, if you have already gotten the year version you can go the kiosk and pay some legendary marks to get the new version instead of doing some task or getting a random drop. But not all year one exotics have a year version.


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