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So as soon as I heard I could preorder the Taken King, I went online to destinythegame.com/taken-king/wheretobuy to see what there was. I saw that the collectors edition es only available for the Xbox One. Why is this? I don't want to have to spend $600-$700 for an Xbox one just to get this. Also, when are the digital versions going to be available for preorder on the Xbox 360?

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I'd like the answer too.  I did the same thing as you.   I searched Xbox.com and the only versions of Taken King that show up are for Xbox One. Even though there is clearly an Xbox 360 version of Taken King being made available.

I understand there are certain changes for the Xbox one version of destiny (the bug moving on khepri's sting), but so far the only difference between the digital download and the physical collector editions are the items ( the books or posters or whatever) I don't think it's fair to prohibit Xbox 360 users from enjoying this experience. To this extent, can it be possible to preorder the digital download for the Xbox 360 and have the items shipped separately?

I only want to know why the Xbox 360 Doesn't have the $40 only option For Taken King. When I bought Destiny I got the limited edition so I already have all the year 1 DLC and the game.  I would love to pre order the Taken King, but I'm not re buying everything I already have.

I'm in the same boat. I got the ghost edition and I'm just looking for the Taken King DLC.

same here all i want is the taken king alone, nothing else because i already spent money twice on dark below and house of wolves. note they were not season pass versions either they were full price. 20 quid each thats 40 for me and 40 for my gf as we didn't think we could share the dlc at the time  

I'm just going to have to suck it up. I got the collectors edition for Xbox one, which will give me the items. I'm going to get the $40 TTK package and the new $20 package when it comes out for the rest of the stuff. This way, I'll have a copy of destiny if and when i get an Xbox one

I cannot buy The Taken King Digital Content but i have to buy the 89€ (which is about 95$) The Taken King Collector's Edition

i think its wrong that it says coming soon? im a loyal fan and bungie or activision  should have this out by now