Takedown: code red and Sega Rally Arcade

Hi all,

Anyone else had a closer look at Takedown? Was on there website and guessing this game will be avilable on the 20th this month. It looks really good and promising. Do you think this will retail for £9.99?

I also went to try get Sega Rally Arcade but have found xbox have taken this item off there downloadables... Can i make a request for this to be put back up?


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I havent heard of Takedown.I doubt Sega Rally will come back.Once games are pulled they dont come back.Yu-gi-oh 5ds was the only exception to this.Sega Rally was not very good anyway in my opinion.If you like dirt track racing Blur or Dirt 2 are pretty good and I think less than 20 dollars.Also Motocross Madness was pretty fun.

I was interested in Takedown, but I'll give it a pass if it's an XBLA game. In three weeks after launch the community will be abysmal no matter how good it is, the only exception I've seen to this rule is Battlefield 1943, even then it seems like that game was starting to decay when I last played it.