Take clan is a multi game clan. We currently have 3 memebers. We all know each other in real life, but we have encountered problems. One of our "freinds" decided to start a bunch of drama and complain 24/7 so he was kicked. He now refuses to change his GT even though he is out of the clan, and now he is trying to recruit people for a clan he has been kicked out of. He is being extremely immature about this whole ordeal. Xbox support said to post on forums so here I am. If you could please report his GT so he will have to change it becaue we dont want to be associated with him. On another note If you are looking to join take clan hmu on live at: Take My Blade. we love to play BF3 and GTA, and we love to have fun. All in all, if you could help out that would be amazing his GT is :Take My Famas. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.


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I don't believe this is a valid reason to have his GT changed, however I wish you the best of luck with that.


If you need a well rounded player for BF3 hit me up with a FR or and invite, need to kill time till GTA V.