Take a Break from Live for a year -

My live subscription ran out last year sometime.  I didn't bother renewing it because of the cheaters on live, esp in call of duty. 

Renewed there a couple of days ago.  Big mistake. The glitchers and cheaters are still there surprise surprise. 

I'm going to wait for Halo 4 - Play that and see what the multiplayer is like on that and if it's just as lagged out, network manipulated, code borked, piece of junk that Cod4 has become I'm not going to bother with live again.




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I have never and will never pay full price for gold due to these kind of issues.

i only buy when its on offer on the dashboard at £1 a month so i can use the other services.

its not just the cod games that are ruined by modders,they are taking over everywhere.

You'd think that with the amount of money in the games industry, the amount of cash that is put into the development, distribution etc etc that Microsoft would do more to stop this nonsense.  Well I'm not a happy camper. Hackers and modders wrecked live on the first xbox.  We were promised all sorts of things on the launch of the 360.  However, as far as I can see none of those promises have been delivered on.  So, like I say.  I'll see what Halo 4 is like.  Hopefully it'll make for a fun xmas and then I'll see what the multiplayer is like before I have to go back to work etc etc.  If live is like I'm dreading it will be Microsoft won't be seeing another €60 for live from me.

I been playing Call of Duty 4 for the last few days and I encountered I think just 3 modders. I mostly just play big team match (whatever you cal it), hardcore team match, and the 2 team matches that are at the very top of the choice list of matches.

You shouldn't let modders stop you from enjoying Xbox Live, there are plenty other good online games other than COD MW 1.

[quote user="DancerGirl904"]You shouldn't let modders stop you from enjoying Xbox Live[/quote]

make sure you re-post here when you have been deranked and can no longer play online.

yeah dancer do your homework on these forums about deranking if you havent already done so..if you havent do it thoroughly if you enjoy cod4...becuse you wont be able to play it again if you get deranked..unless someone invites you of course..and be careful who you add..chances are one or two of them could be modders.

No need to get hostile, obviously that is a chance you're taking when playing Call of Duty's older games.

what on earth is hostile about that..you need to get your head checked out dancer..and stop stalking me..go back to mw2

Yeah you're so right im stalking you and I should so just leave you alone. I don't message you, you message me with friend requests and saying how sorry you are, but im the stalker? 

what..sorry? what planet are you living on lol..stop stalking me

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