Tag Team Combos

Been playing a bit of tag recently & was always coming up against players that never even tagged, they just waited til 1 of the tag was beat then would play with the next 1. I then played a guy that used Mileena & Kano & was brilliant, he tagged constantly into combos & I had no choice but to take defeat & admire his skills.

Its something im lookin to improve in my game, but have no idea were to start.

Any1 have any good tag combos?


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Basically go to practice mode, use your two favorite fighters and look in their move list. try to string tag assist/attack moves into the combos.

Nice that's it awesome combo but how practical is it to get off really lol

I notice characters with a story together tend to do well. Also subzero and nightwolf are amazing seen Tyler lantern do over a 100% combo with them on YouTube lmao

Noob and the Subs, Ermac and Kenshi, Smoke and Noob, Cyrax and Sub, Scorpian and Quan Chi

I doubt i'll be doin that combo soon lol, I did a good 1 by accident with Quan Chi & Shang Tsung, but couldn't replicate it again.  I use Cyrax, Ermac, Quan, Shang, Sub, Nightwolf, so i'll try to see what I can create with them.


Cyrax is a must to master along with Ermac