Tactical Halo Clan: ChV

This is an advertisment of a Halo clan. We have a B-net group which all members need to join, but it is merely used for organising. Join the CherokeeVikings! The clan is personal and serious, but we're also the guys you just go into macthmaking with when people just wanna hang out. We are about 10 people, but need help to grow into an optimal count of around 30. --------------------------------------------------------------- Reasons to be in a clan like this: 1: To have something you believe in to represent,something cool to be associated with, something common to fight for, and something of quality to represent you. 2: Having a team of people you know, and you know what to expect form. Because we are, on the battlefield, more than cannonfodder to the enemy team (which random teammates you match up with usually turns out to be). You will know that 1 player from our team will make all the difference necessary, on the field. 3: Are you new to the game? Your clan will quickly get you trained, and give you that extra kick-off start needed to meet the challenge. 4: Your clan is a community, where you can-/ that can help you- show off your success and victory. We are making machinima and different kind of cieos to show off our memeners where possible. "Why be the best in the world at something, if nobody knows that you are??". 5: You'll always have something to do when you are online! As long as other members are logged on, you will as a part of the clan, usually have the opportunity to join them! We are working on a lot of different activities, and not only compeditive matchmaking. 6: Want to achieve something? Your clan will help you out with needed accomplishments and achiecements. This does not include boosting.

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OMG! Why does the text fall into a giant blob like that?? It's supposed to be orderly and with paragraphs!