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First off, thanks for reading my post and I hope I can get to know some new drivers and get some races in with some of you.

I'm part of a community called Tactical Gaming, established back in November 2004 to bring together like-minded players to create squads and teams to play alongside one another. We currently have around 2,000 members across all our supported games, our Tactical Warfare branch has its own servers for every game and the whole of TG has free roam of our forums/site. We have our own Teamspeak server for all members to use and a variety of guides/help to offer.

TG is split into two sections (Tactical Warfare and Tactical Sports), each section having their own Division which represents a game. I'm part of the Need for Speed Division which is made up of different driving teams. I am currently the Club Director of NFS 360, meaning I take care of the XBOX 360 side of the Division, although we're recruiting for all platforms except PC.

We practice twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) at 7pm GMT for non-US and 7pm EST for US players. Practices consist of racing together, taking part in pursuits, learning the map of Redview County, getting to grips with the game and performance parts, etc. I don't mean to spam you and I apologise if some people see this as spam, I'm simply trying to build on our driving team and bring racers and cops alike to enjoy the game with us. 

Please go to our site (www.tacticalgaming.net/hq) for more information, PM me here, reply to this thread or add me on XBOX Live at TGxAltair and I'd be happy to give you more information.

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you enjoy the game.



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i got NFS rivals and a 16gb hard drive but it says i need a hard drive to download hd content and i have a hard drive plugged in…….. what do i do????? I'm using a 360 and it says only need 1.6gb to download but i have 14.3 and it won't download.please help

I had the same issue, except mine is asking me to download on the XBox 360 hard-drive. I cleared 3 gigs of memory, but it still won't work. Something you might want to try Paintballclown is installing it on the default memory unit.

I done the exact same thing and it is still not working I'm on the Xbox 360 slim and my game says its all restricted even my new memory unit