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I have been playing the FIFA Football franchise since 2005, so i like to think im a veteran.

When i first got FIFA 12 i played a season on legendary with Westham United in the championship and only managed a 10th spot finish.

This is the first time i have not got promoted on the first attempt and i believe the new tatical defending feature is the main culprate.

Im just wandering if anyone had any tips with the new tactical defending feature?

Lowering the difficulty and turning off tactical defending are not options.



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The first FIFA I played was on PC with FIFA 96, I've played FIFA on Xbox since 2003 and the pressing with the A button is stored in my finger tip, not that easy to switch to a new style ;)

I'm very close to trade in my FIFA 12 for PES. I still have my FIFA 11.

I agree with the last post, just dont lunge in. Its actually easier to run into the player now rather than perform the standing tackle and miss time. If they're through on goal dont be afraid to go for the slide tackle if your along side the player as the defender will more often than not hook the ball away.

you press RB to call in a second defender and you can turn off the new defence system by going to your control settings and swithching from tactical to legacy but only for offline modes, when you play online it has to be in tactical and you should find the buttong layout somewhere in the control settings

I got used to the new gameplay and just always control my defense and just jockey all of them to go with the opposing team's flow of play when they have the ball. Don't commit until they're right at your defender's feet, and know your defenders. It's great to have a guy like Mertesacker in your defensive line because he tackles people like 10 feet away without a hitch but not everyone can get away with that. :P

Map the buttons so that standing tackle = A, and extra man contain = B. Then when defending, you can get your extra man to contain the player with the ball, while using the jockey button (LT) to cut off one of his options.

Give it a go, see what you think. I've been playing FIFA since 08, Pro Evo since the first ISS before that.

It can only be a good thing that the game is now harder, it is boring winning all the time?

ok im thick..with the default setting what do i press to get help from another defender... also can i turn off the new defence system and if so how do i do it, also can anyone put up what buttons do what..i cant seem to find them anywhere.

just keep playing there's no shortcut i never call a second defender to contain is all me just keep playing and you'll get it

I'm with MikeBj. Once I've had a few seasons on career mode I'll probably trade it in. The new system is far too alienating for me, especially seems EA messed up custom controls.