Tactical Chopper perks!

I'm ranking my vehicles, and try to plan what is the ideal combination of perks to use.

I think I have some good setups, but when I came to the Attack helicopter new questions came up.


This thing has 6 perks! 3 for driver and 3 for the gunner. And some of these options are the same.

Like both the gunner and the driver has Motion sensor. So what should one do; if one of them has Motion sensor do both of them get the benefits of it? Or if they both have Maintanance, does their chopper repair twice as fast? Or are they wasting a spot?

Will you be SUPERSTEALTHY if both of you have stealth on? :p


Please let me know if you have any knowledge or experiences regarding this.



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From what I hear both have each others perks when they are in a vehicle together.

So they do not stack? As if both have the same thing? What about flares?