Tactical Attack Force (HARDCORE) *GHOSTS*

Currently recruiting HARDCORE players!

We created this clan because we decided it was time to bring back the good ole' call of duty days on Xbox. The days when you get on after a hard day at work and your clan mates are all ready to play. We are a HARDCORE GAME-TYPE clan on the Xbox 360. We wanted to bring competitive, yet laid back players together; yes we like to win, but we don't hound our members if we lose. We are starting this clan to bring back Mature-Competitive gaming. I created this clan to bring the most level-headed Elite players together to enjoy a gaming environment, with little stress/pressure! We will never pressure you to be online, you can come online whenever the hell you feel like, with whatever abides to your schedule. Most of us work, or are in College, but we're definitely active gamers, and play daily.

Clan Perks:

What we offer:
• Friendly Scrimmages
• Private and Public Forums with tons of information
• A mature and laid back community
• Engagement in Public Tournaments
• A group of dedicated/active Leaders
• A full-out Roster, split into divisions for organization.

We are currently looking for COD Ghosts Players.
If you are looking for a clan that WINS, but doesn't have 1,000 players, then you will want to check us out!
We are also recruiting Competitive players for the Competition Division. UK players for the UK Division, TDM players, S&R players, and Kill Confirm players.

No age limit, as long as you're mature.
Be able to maintain a 1.00+ KDR whilst playing with us.
Working microphone- Communication is key to winning in ANY game-mode.
Must be willing to play the Hardcore Game-type.
Maturity- I don't ask for too much, but maturity has to be a perk of yours, although we are playing a game and we will have our immature times, consistency in that aspect isn't a good trait.

Future Goals:
Our clan goals are to be able to achieve a steady flow of amazing clan members that are willing to work together to win. We don’t really stress KDR, but we do want to have a strong 20+ that we can rely on to WIN!! We are aimed at WINNING THE OBJECTIVE, not sitting in a corner.

Our Roster:
Competition Division- We have a up-and-coming Competition Team that is currently recruiting! Join by applying today and contacting--- (TaF Wolf)
Kill Confirm, TDM, and Search and Rescue Divisions- We have established Divisions in TaF, although they're just initiated to better organize the clan so that it isn't a cluster. Be sure to apply for what your "Default Division" will be. It doesn't mean you can't play with the TDM players etc.
UK Team- We now have a UK Team, be sure to speak with (CCB x Predator).

How to APPLY:
To apply, simply go to http://tacaf.enjin.com/apply
Just fill out the simple application and meet with the higher-ups online! We don't condone in such difficult recruitment, we made it as simple as possible, not too strict, which is why we are unique; we aren't 12 years olds with 100 rules and regulations.

Contact with TaF:
Message any of the Leaders:
TaF Murder
TaF Wolf
TaF Tank

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