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This game has made me decide to go ahead and finally buy a tablet and update myself with the rest of the world. I have my eyes set on a 32 GB surface 2. Does this sound like a good decision or are there better tablets out there? Keep in mind that I'm mainly getting it for Xbox one smart glass.


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A few of us were talking about this the other day. One of the guys on here ended up getting a surface. I can't remember what one but it cost about £270. If I didn't already have an ipad I would get one. The smart glass stuff is really nice.

How did you guys get teh smart glass to even work?? All I see is a ZDC symbol and home icon :(

I got my girlfriend a kindle fire hdx and the smartglass works good on it. I'll be going with the surface 2 after the holidays. Everything I saw on it said it's great, just not alot of apps compared to ipads.

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How did you guys get teh smart glass to even work?? All I see is a ZDC symbol and home icon :(


did you try touching the home symbol? how far are you in the game. you have to do the first couple of missions before you can use the smartglass app.

i had to restart my tablet to get it to work

If you are getting a tablet, just bear in mind that some smartglass games will not work on small screens (sub 8", i think)

that i didn't know. thanks.

That's the tablet I use and I LOVE it! There are other tablets with great benefits but I have been very happy with my surface 2

I have yet to hear a complaint about the surface 2 aside from the lack of apps compared to other tablets.

I got the Surface 32GB on Black Friday for $199 Delivered.

Best $199 I ever spent.

The smartglass is so much fun in Dead Rising 3.

My friend and I have been checking it out and it's been a lot of fun.

I can imagine though how much more power the surface 2 or the surface pro has....

Maybe this year they will go on sale.

If you can't get your smartglass to "see" your Xbox One try either re-starting the tablet, or reset your router.  The latter worked for me.