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Today as i woke i decided to have some eggs and waffles and finish watching a movie on my xbox. To my surprise Xbox live was down. So no Netflix for me. I said sure that is fine i have my PC i figured i could connect to my PC since it is on my own private network and i should be able to use the xbox as a dnla video player. HEYYYYYY why can i not connect to my PC. This came to me as another very disappointment and a great shock as i am extremely flabbergasted that i a paying customer that has soley payed for my xbox in full that i would need a total connection to the internet that diverts back to microsofts servers to be able to stream a movie to my very own console. Thank the lord for cable unlike most who do not have cable are stuck without entertainment and yes i do know people are in this predicament as we speak.

This brings an AIR of suspicion. First why would i need an internet connection to use an application that mean for private viewing to a personal computer.

2. Why am i not able to use this app at its full capability.

I truly believe microsoft is keeping tabs on what we are doing with our own personal equipment. I will be looking into this.

A friend of mine a strong sony believer told me years ago that xbox is scam. With that said this will be the last and only xbox console i will support.


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well at least we can play the games now without internet connection until your 720 comes out LMAO