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looking for people to system link with. however there's a few requirements... 1) must clear cache 2) make a silver or use an account you dont care about (may reset ur rank if you use ur normal account) i occasionally clear my cache in order to enjoy gow 3 it was supposed to be like. unfortunately, it gets a little boring simply due to the fact that bots dont behave like a player. hoping to find some likeminded people who wanna play a fun game.

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You do realise system linking is connecting two consoles together, don't you?

btw, my dummy account is UnrealDuo

Yea, but then i gotta download the title update and deal with all the (stupid) changes. i want all the starting weapons back to release and i want to also host a match, but apparently its not possible. epic removed the fun factor as soon as the title update popped up. it was pristine, it was amazing, it was the best gears i had ever played. now, i think the first gow was the best gears out of all three.

I prefer the game now to as it was.

But, whatever floats your boat I guess. :3

had no idea what system link was. i had assumed it allowed others to connect to me and host a match. so the xbox's have to be present in order to use it? lame... game was amazing at launch but epic ruined it cuz of the crybabies who wanted to gnash all day and not use any other weapon.

You could always host a private invite only match, pretty much the same thing, just online.


Or do you mean connecting four consoles by wireless?

hey use xlink kai to do xbox system link worldwide

i doubt he means by system link as that is the LAN setup.