How many consoles does the game support in system link ?

How many players per console?

I'm having a LAN party and am going to be playing custom games (not campaign).  


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I can't tell you, but I'm pretty sure if you looked at the back of the case that would tell you.


With Halo 3 you could use four consoles with four players each, but I've never done it with Reach. I presume it would be the same.

I believe the back of the box just says System link 2-16 players.  Not sure, since I'm not at home right now.  I suspect that 4 consoles is the max, but can anyone verify that?

If it's 2-16, then yes, it's four 360's. Don't worry too much, because there's no reason to drop the maximum from 16 to 12 or lower.

Yeah, that's my conclusion as well.  It will work.  I will only have 8-9 players, but didn't want to split the smaller screens up too much...I have two 50", a 37" and a 32".  Thank for being the sounding board.