System Link: Does it Actually Work?

Nephew and I tried a system link today with his and my son's consoles.  We were able to select the System Link option from the Settings and Files menu and go to the Custom Games for the acutal game.  Guess what: nephew's console is nowhere on on the screen.  Niether does his GT appear in any list anywhere.  Thinking something maybe wrong with the cord (we are not connecting thru a hub or router...I say that because I had a Gamestop employee try to tell me that System Link could not be played with just an ethernet cord connected into two consoles) we pulled and cleaned out two copies each of Halos 1-3, Reach and ODST.  And we promptly played one systme link game apiece with no problems.

Insert Halo 4 and nothing...where are we going wrong?


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the "ethernet" cord that you need to use is what they call a ...CROSSOVER .... ethernet cable it will say it right on the cord .... but that may not be the only problem did you install disc 2 on both consoles? .... i'm not sure but it wouldn't surprise be a bit if 343i/Halo4 doesnt support System Link .....try Tech Support at xboxlive,com if all else fails  

Well, if it does not work, why is there an option for it? And it is not a crossover cord...just a standard ethernet cord.  And it works just simply by connecting each end into the ethernet ports on each console.   That's is how we played system link on the first two Halos and the Mechassualts.  And yes the second disc is installed on both.  He is coming back over later so we will try it to the LAN I have here to do it  In that case the router will serve as a hub.  I have experimented with that wil Halo Reach and it works with that method as well as the one cord plugged into the back of each console.  Will let you know how that goes.