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SYN Homicidal- Division of XGC Xiled Gaming Community

The Syndicate (SYN) is apart of the XGC community which has over 45,000 members world wide. Founded in January 2006, we are an collective group of professional, casual, and recreational gamers who play fair, aggressive, and together.

SYN Homicidal is a clan under the Syndicate which is a casual gaming division of XGC. We currently play COD Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 (and 3), Gears of War 3, Medal of Honor, Crysis 2, and more!

When you join SYN, you will have a team of friends ready to help you with:

» Active Leadership
» Active and always busy forums
» Casual & Competitive Divisions
» Gamebattles teams
» Community tournaments with prizes
» Special events and game nights
» Skilled active members in-game who just love to play and have fun
» A live chat box on our forums to chat with friends live
» Positive, friendly atmosphere where respectful people are welcome
» Map Recon practices, weekly meetings, and team play.

Have you ever heard of the XG Community? We’re part of XGC (Xiled Gaming) which is a large gaming community with over 45,000 members. We’re part of SYN, or The Syndicate, which is one of 4 gaming divisions of XG. SYN is the underground part of XG, where we’re not afraid of trash talking but need players who are at least 16 years old. The other divisions are XGC (must be 18, no trash talking), KOG (no age limit, but no trash talking either), and XGG (for girls only). In each of these divisions, there are tons of clans. Our clan is SYN Homicidal.
The foundation of XGC is our Honor Code, which is strictly enforced. We don’t allow cheating of any kind, including modding, boosting, and anything else that would give someone an unfair advantage. We also don’t allow harassment of any kind (like verbal threats, racism, or sexism). If someone is mouthing off at you, you’re not expected to just sit there and take it; you can stand up for yourself! Just remember that when you’re a part of our community, you represent all of us and your comments can either make us look good and strong, or stupid and ignorant.
We use a ranking structure in all of our clans. When you first start out, you’re a Recruit. After you’ve played with the clan for a bit, usually a week, and you’ve registered on the website and officially joined the clan, you’ll be promoted to a Private. If you have any issues as a Private, you talk with the Sergeants. If they can’t answer your questions, they will take it to the Lieutenants, then the Captains, and finally the General, who is SYN One Actual in our clan.

Once you reach the rank of Sergeant, you’re able to put SYN in front of your name if you like (you don’t have to change your name though…it’s completely optional!). If you decide to do this, just send a message to the General (SYN One Actual) once you’ve chosen your name and let him know what it will be. He has to get it approved by the Section Leaders before it can be changed.

If you’re interested in joining, check out our website ( and register using your xbox gamertag as your username. Once you register, you’ll get a confirmation in your email. When you’ve clicked on the link they send you, go back to the website and click on “Join a Clan,” scroll down until you find SYN Homicidal, click on the button to the right that says “Join Clan,” then scroll to the bottom of the page and submit the request.

If you have any questions please contact SYN One Actual on XBL or on

We have meetings Monday nights at 9 Eastern (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific

Also, if you have any questions, post in this thread and we will get back to you asap!

I offer you the opportunity to be apart of SYN Homicidal...

Thanks for your time!
SYN One Actual
SYN Homicidal- General



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