Switch up, need answer please.

I was just wondering if it is possible to change the parental account on a childs account to a new one, or is it just set in once you create your account?


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Are you wanting to switch it to a new gametag?

Well I have been looking and can not find a sure answer on this. You may want to re post this question here and maybe someone will have better luck.

@fyrball No I don't want to change gamertags.

You can move the Child account under anyone that is a Family Gold account holder.

You can change the controls, such as maybe you don't want them to play anything rated T or higher, but then your child gets older, you can go back and change it to allow maybe all T rated games, or have no restriction.  Same for movies being played on the system.  What you can't do, however, is change the account to an adult account or change the birthday.  You can turn it into an adult game account once the child turns 18 according to the DOB you entered when you created the account.

Is that what you were asking?  Does that help?  Just let me know, and I'll be happy to help.