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1600 microsoft points if this has never happened to you.  You surprise a wookie, he shoots at you with his wookie rifle and misses, most likely because you are too close and he/she has no CQC skills, and in a SPLIT SECOND you are dropped with his wookie sidearm???

1.  Pistols are waaaaaaaaay OP

2.  Pistol range is waaaaaaaaaay OP

3.  Switching from rifle to sidearm is unrealisticly fast.

HOPEFULLY, B3 will address this obvious flaw in coding.  At least make the disturbed wookie have to drop his awsomest bestest sniper rifle before he drops you with the sidearm all the while you are blazing away with an AK-74u. 


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Yours stats say you have a 44.7% Acc and yout Fav weapon is a Tom. If hes droping you with a pistol you must be trying to get his/her dog tags. Or your doing something wrong.

1st time I heard someone say my MP-443 Grach is OP. You must be doin it wrong.

I use the M1 alot and with the short mag count I appreciate the switchover speed to the sidearm

lag. it sucks, whatcha gunna do?

No, when I jump wookies, I usually give them a 40mm shotgun facial.

Also, pistol switch speed, damage, and range is fine. You were either injured before he drew his sidearm, or you completely missed him.


Since the AKS-74u fires at 700 rounds per minute, or 11 rounds per second, and it deals 16.7% damage at close range (six shot kill in half a second), my conclusion is: you suck.

I would like to see the pistol range dropped a little bit too.

Every game in the past ~3 years don't know what a secondary is for.