Sweet magic glitch

I beat the game on normal and explored a bunch by just playing normal and how I see fit. No glitching. No exploits.  That said, I started a second character. I was killing the first dragon when my magic bar disappeared. I thought it was odd so I tried some magic. I cast the spell but no magic bar and no magic use. So I killed the first dragon by constantly casting flame in one hand and heal in the other. I was planning on being a orc using one handed weapons but this changes everything. Some times the magic bar comes back so I have to reload an earlier save but I really want to get my spells to 100. It is weird and I don't know how I did it but my Destruction is up to about 30 and my Restoration is about 30 too. I tried buying some spells at the college but the magic bar came back so I am avoiding that area.

Anyone else know about this?


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Nope, I'm a pure mage, it's fairly easy TBH, you really want to start using better spells as you progress, you'll also get less "xp" from killing things with low level spells. I got 100 everything, BUT I got all magic branches legit (some powerleveling). Conjuration is by far the most useful. Twin Dremora Lords FTFW.

You can just enchant all your armor pieces with reduce destruction cost to achieve 100% no mana cost for your destruction spells.