Swat team sent to home of a kid whos xbox was "hijacked"? please!

So driving into work today I heard this story on the radio that


"A kid had his xbox hacked from a kid in Canada" 

the "hacker" sent a Swat team over to the kids house as a prank. I thought this seemed odd. I never heard any such news on any big game websites. I googled around and found this link




This and all other articles shows nowhere on how the kid was "hijacked". On the radio , and on other websites, it goes on to say how unsafe the Xbox live network really is and compares this to what happened to the PS3 network. 


I really hate these newsites. Am I saying what happened PS3 could not happen to live? I don't know enough about the Xbox live network to know. What I do know is if that the network of live was so unsecure it would be a lot more massive then one kid being hacked one time


To me , with such lack of any information from any article to prove that he was hacked, I believe the kid gave away his information in some sort of phishing scam. Possible the scammer was offering free microsoft points, achievements, or whatever. When the kid gave away his information boom. The kid from Canada decided to make a prank out of it

what are your thoughts? 


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..."A Florida family got a jarring surprise this week after a hacker hijacked their Xbox 360, and placed a prank 911 call"...


How do you make phone calls on xbox 360?

I know right? all the articles state it just like this as well. Making it seem that some how, through his xbox 360, he made this phone call.

It's just so freaking absurd! I hope Xbox makes an official statement showing how bogus this claim is

This story (not this thread) is full of fail.  Making a prank call to the Police equals an "Xbox hack" now? The "victim" on the CNN Video looks like a complete idiot.  I wouldn't be surprised if they find out that he made the phone call himself, and blamed the phantom "hacker"

The guy probably had a picture in his sig. He deserved it.

But seriously, this seems like an Onion story.

This is how I interpreted the story......Both xbox gamers knew each other. The kid gave out his phone number and the 2 gamers later had a fight due to a MW2 session. So he uses his computer to disguise his caller ID and makes a fake phone call saying there was a hostage situation in the other gamers home.

Sounds logical to me Bear.

In a more serious note,, Police do not need a warrent to not only enter and search your home, but to swat raid it.

they dont even have to suspect anything, or have a reason at all, all it takes now is some stranger to just point the finger and say there is something illigal in that house and boom, you're front door goes down 3am and the house is flooded with swat just itching to put lead in you face and say "it looked like you went for a gun".

Thanks to the Patriot 1 or 2 (i cant remember).

[quote user="EMW80"]

In a more serious note,, Police do not need a warrent to not only enter and search your home, but to swat raid it.


The CNN video presented that the "caller" said that the family was being held hostage and the kid was stabbed; that's more than enough reason to call in the SWAT force.

Well it seems since Lulzsec shut up shop the news media are finding it difficult to keep us in fear for our personal information, and thus, rubbish stories like this are born...

In the small chance that this isn't the fevered imagination of some desperate tech news editor at Yahoo then the kid got what he deserved, as has been stated the only way for this to happen would be if he gave his details up of his own volition,  anyone THAT stupid deserves what they get...and someone will put up the argument, "But what about the wasting of police time, they could have been out catching criminals!" Yeah they could have been, but to be fair, if it shows one kid the dangers of internet privacy, then I say, it's a missing kid case, avoided further down the line...

But of course, this didn't happen, don't believe everything you read online kids! Even from websites that have an exclamation mark at the end of their name!

My comment was NOT related to this OP's article, as you can see by the starting line > "In a more serious note..."


What i was doing was pointing out something more serious,, this article posted by the OP was not serious, nor was it even news worthy, funny for us to read sure, but not something to put on tv, unless its to laugh at it while gorging yourelf on McDonalds or some other GMO, extra high fat food with melted cheese and fried onions dripping from it =)


I think anyone watching CNN, or indeed any other mainstream news channel for anything except local weather reports is in danger of becoming brainwashed sheep ready to kneel before their master Obama and his TSA stormtroopers, that's if they aren't already LOL.

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