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Ever since Treyarch started giving details about this game they did say they were working with a military adviser. I would't be surprised if all the kill streaks in this game were in development.

I didnt watch, but was someone controlling them?

Yeah there is a guy controlling them. They're basically like that spider security camera from the campaign. They can perch on things and have a camera that will watch whatever target they need and will recharge its battery with the sun. But since they're so small any sort of wind will have huge impacts on their flight though, making it harder to fly than most unmanned drones. As for attacking people they can contain either chemicals that will knock someone out, or explosives.

Nice. Ill mention in real life the government/military have a new medal, like the Purple Heart, Congressional Medal of Honor, etc....its a medal for piloting unmanned drones.

I recently read a book by Michael Crichton called Micro that discusses this kind of thing in some detail within a fictional story. It was a good read & I highly recommend it. That being said, I'd hate to see a million dollar bug get eaten by some random bird.

According to the artist's depictions in the video, it is about the size of a bird even though they say in the article that it looks like a bee. Maybe there is an outside version and inside one too? Idk.

Awesome!I love when Sci-Fi begins to become reality,Although i don't wanna get old too quick,I look forward to seeing the tech 50 years from now.

Neat.  But I get really apprehensive about technology like this.  I'm not a big fan of how easy they're making it to remove the human element and turn a single assassination into nothing more than a impersonal button push from hundreds of miles away.  It leaves too much room for killing to become a flippant act.  I'm concerned that it leaves too much room for it to be abused.  The regular Predator drones are already quite efficient.