On december 12th I sent this message to the forum. Still no answer...

Dear sirs,

On december 2nd my stepson got a permanent suspension fron the enforcement team. The reason was changing his avatar, at least that was what you answered to us. The 'change' of the avatar was nothing more than the change of the colour of his avatar. Something which is possible due to an error on the side of what is wrong/forbidden about this? The 'punishment' you gave is not proportional to the mistake he made. He bought several times Microsoft points to buy games online. Games he cannot use anymore because of the suspension. So, you don't just block him, you also took his games away from him, that looks like theft to me..

And that all because of only changing the colour of an avatar? You can't be serious, you really can't. So I suggest that you re-activate his account, he has had his punishment by not be able to use his account a week.

It is not realistic to suspend somebody forever just because you can...

Furthermore he has made his excuses, promised to do this never again and still you won't reconsider...

Kind regards,

Wilko van Mersbergen



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It is called modding and it is against the user agreement for the Xbox 360 terms of use. It is considered modifying the game and results in a permanent ban. It is more than likely Xbox will not unban your grandsons xbox.


This is in reference to my main account which the gamer tag is LEAN v. I was playing call of duty black ops II on 10/27/13. I ran into a lot of little kids that couldn't have been over the age of 12. They were horrible players trying to quick scope me but I was using a target finder LMG and they were getting pretty upset calling me a cheater and a hacker and other harsh words. After about a 3 game span they were all yelling at me and what not. I didn't have my mic plugged in because 1 I'm not going to argue with a bunch of middle schoolers and 2 I'm not going to hear it either. After I backed out of the lobby within 5 minutes they ALL sent me messages saying they reported me for cheating and they said they hope I get banned. Which luckily for them I did. I pay for Xbox live. I pay for the games. I'm going to going play bad just so I don't get banned. I don't think the report system is fair to me. I don't understand how I'm banned for just simply doing good. It's not my fault if the other kids that play the game aren't good sports. I can't control that. Please look into my account situation. The new call of duty thy I paid 100$ for the hardened edition comes out on Nov. 5 and I'm banned until the 11th. I'd really like to be able to play with my friends from school that are getting at midnight. Thanks.

                                                                                Sincerely, LEAN v