Survivor bulletin board help

How do you get their pictures on the board? I've done side missions where I collect items for npcs like the nerdy guy by the construction site that you have to build weapons for. I complete it and then I'm lost. What am I missing?

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I believe not every survivor joins you. Normally after you do a side mission the NPC will tell you if they want to come along, help out or go on their own. If I remember correctly the guy at the construction site says something like he's ready to fight off zombies and save people but made no mention of joining Nick.

Oooh, okay, I haven't had any survivor ask to join, I helped some neighbors that hated each other and a guy that blew himself up with his RV also

tCruzin is correct, they have to join you to be on the bulletin board.

check each side mission and it tells you what you get, some just give PP, some join you, etc

Yup. Each side mission has icons that tell you what rewards will be.