Survival Strategies

So I guess most people have at least glanced at the survival mode by now but if not you should. I have to say it is more than I expected. I haven't quite figured out my startegies because there are tons of levels but I have some ideas.


I think one thing that cannot be overlooked is claymores. Not only can you get 10 at a time but you can buy 10 more immediately after use the previous 10. A huge advantage over zombies 2 claymores per round. When planting make sure to place them far enough away from each other as to not blow each other up. I usually plant them in a path and then lead the enemies through the same path. Seems to work better than camping one spot with a whole bunch of claymores.


Predator missles are also a must in later rounds. While you can use bullets to take down choppers and kill juggernauts, missiles do it in one shot. If it is not a juggernaut or chopper round I usually use a missile at the start of the round. This way it gets huge groups of enemies instead of 2 or 3. I wish you could carry more than one missile strike at a time though.


Delta squads and riot shield squads are good but I have limited use of them.


Feel free to add your own strategies.


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nox, you should add me on live so we can play a few games together so far i havent been in a survival game where my partner was good lol. Im at work or i would

I will try to. I think my FL is at 100 which was the capacity of it last time I checked. I will delete a random person and add you.

hey nox so far all my friends are n00bs so i could really do with a partner that can get passed wave 1 so add me or send me a message on xbox so we can play

My strategy is to kill everything.  

I, too, use the claymores and keep a fresh supply of grenades on hand.  I tend to set up a last-ditch spot....usually near either the weapons chest or air strike chest....depending on the map.  I like to either have the sentry gun or that most awesome grenade sentry stationed near that point so when all hell breaks loose and I'm up to my eyes in carnage, I can back up and get some help.  

Don't waste money on weapons.  You'll need that for the strippers in later rounds.  

Also, stay close to your team mate.  Not in his/her hip pocket.....but close enough to where you don't have to sprint 200 yards to revive a fallen team member.  Move together and communicate.  And bring the pain.  

Now hand me that piano.  

when ever i play survival mode

i know that when the enemies start using the F A D  it starts to get sticky

the claymore tip is good didn't know you could plant

and buy more


Yep.  As the OP said, you can purchase and plant 10.  If you've got both players on the same page, you can lay a serious path of destruction and put a hurtin' on 'em before you ever see a drone.  

i try to use sentry guns and claymores to cover my back/sides near a choke point then use a lmg for the chokepoint

One tip is this:  Only buy a secondary weapon.  Use one slot as a primary based on what the opposition is using.  Shotguns first, then UMP45, then AK47, then ACR, then FAD.  Not sure if anything comes after that.  If you want to buy ONE gun, buy it to use as a secondary weapon, like a sniper rifle or LMG.

Claymores and Sentry guns. I always plant claymores at the choke points then put the sentry guns right behind the claymores. If your playing single player your allowed to purchase two Sentry guns at the same time. If your playing with a partner, you can each purchase one. If you set the claymores and both sentry guns up right you can clear entire levels without firing a single shot from your gun.

Don't bother with Sentry Guns, they get blown up too easily.  Also, don't waste Predator Missiles on choppers; if you are going to use them, take out crowds of enemies (preferably those with Juggernauts in them).  If you use a Predator on a single enemy, that's costing you around $2,000, while if you kill the chopper/Juggernaut with your gun, you are making money.  In the later rounds, money becomes a huge issue, so that $2,000 deficit will become significant.


Claymores are cheap and effective, but otherwise I just use body armor, the FAD and ACR I pick up off of dead bodies, Sleight of Hand, and a riot shield squad on the "boss" rounds.