Survival Island?

Has anyone found a good survival island seed yet? 


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polar bear

I Dont Know Any And Is Polar Bear One That Seems Like Survival Island Then Turns Out To Not Be And Sucks

All the seeds i have found say they are survival island but turn out to be a huge island with 100 trees. Or they walk to the island and there is other islands right next to it...

has anyone found a survival island seed

Try the seed     Survival Island

This seed is for 1.8.2 it works and it is GODZILLA with all caps u do have to edit a tree in tho ;€

For the latest update   ( dont forget the dash )             -881572542            you spawn on a treeless island but to the left of the spawn point there is an island with a chasm and one tree past that theres a moo-shroom island and a forested island with animals  there about 6-8 islands all together mostly small and medium sized.