Support for the layman...its not camping

After being called a camper repeatedly I figured I had better clarify the difference between a support player and a camper.

Support is not a high kill but a high score class to play (can be high kill if done correctly).

Since your gun is big you move slow…you’re not going to be jumping around like a fairy or flanking like a squirrel on meth.

Your job is to wound and keep bad guys down(while your team flanks), cover objectives (lmg’s are great on dom.) and block areas of travel.

A camper sits in a room or by a spawn nowhere near an objective and not really being much of a help.

A camper returns to the same few spots over and over, while support moves to a new vantage point to help his team.

So don’t cry camper when an lmg overlooking an objective opens up and wipes out 4 players taking said objective, its poor tactics to leave it open and unguarded.  Cry camper when there’s a person sitting in a room, in a corner and never leaves until killed.

FYI for all you lmg lovers out there. When being rushed and they duck behind cover. Fire a few shots and hit reload. They see the animation, think your out (long reload) and come for you. Hit melee and open up…works about 99% of the time.


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Also double tapping Y should work havn't tried it

There's a fine line between camping and support, IMO.  Holing up in a room and shooting out the window ISN'T camping.  Holing up in a room and sitting a corner IS camping.

Dont forget. Support will move when the objective moves to provide support (hardpoint)...camper wont

That is exactly how I play as an LMG user on domination. Take my time moving into B while keeping the enemies away from it.

You people talk about camping if its a bad thing, OK in objective based games, yes it is. In TDM I would say no its not, where the objective IS to kill as many of the enemy as possible.

I would question my own abilities if I got caught out by a camper more than once. We all know the greater camping spots, so be careful near them.

Next well be calling bouncing bettys and claymores remote camping!

If you want to camp or " support" do whatever you want, but why is it that If run n gun I must be on meth? Or a fairy? Headless chicken etc? Its hell of alot harder to rush & stay positive then finding a nice corner to sit in all match long, camping takes no skill to master at all that's why most players camp anything else is to much of a challenge but please keep on camping easy XP for flankers like me ;)

Well, since I'm on both sides of the fence, let me explain it to you.  "Campers" that use their brains and kill lots of enemy players, holding a position against returning revenge seekers, outsmarting them by repositioning to a new location, ambushing them as they come down a different path, are tired of being insulted by the run-n-gunners that constantly complain and heap abuse on them for camping, minimizing what they are doing by calling it "hiding in a corner".  So, campers call run-n-gunners "headless chickens".  It's "tastes great" vs "less filling" all over again.  Everyone should learn to play, and let play, and quitcherbitchin.  ;oD

guarding an objective or an area is not camping, but sitting in a corner waiting for someone to run by or sitting at the edge of the map sniping not even attending to cap/secure the objective is a bad camper. i hate getting matched up with those causing the whole team to lose the match just because they think playing objective just fishing easy kills makes them a better player. at least the one's that want to win no matter what get rewarded for it by capping and securing the objectives.

I agree if its TDM I don't care who camps and who doesn't and I wont criticize someone for it. IN the more objective based game IE flags etc there is a problem.

Maybe I argue for campers because I usually play TDM and only occasionally play an objective match.  In TDM, I rush and camp depending on the map and my mood.  Both take skill and luck, at least, the way I play.  IMO, HQ and Dom also require both, taking positions and holding positions.  Anyone that isn't doing one or the other, isn't playing the game.  Hanging out at the far edge of the map, not covering or taking an objective, is not playing the game, and you have a right to be irritated by that kind of camper.  Just like you have a right to be irritated by the run-n-gunner that keeps charging into the mouth of a tunnel and dying over, and over, and over.

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