Supplier Achievement STILL glitched?!?

After all this time, is the Supplier achievement still glitched? 

I did the following, and still nothing:

  1. Cleared my System Cache
  2. Deleted all of my DLCs and reloaded them
  3. Loaded a previous save before I claimed the last ingredient on Sundermount, and yet ...

... still nothing!  No familiar ping of the earned achievement! 

Is anyone else still having problems with this?

I have read the various solution posts on both EA's and other forums and they state that even using supplies you buy from the Black Emporium will work towards the achievement.

And when I go to my mansion and check my ingredient lists for the potions, poisons & runes, all of the supplies are maxed out.

Now what's wrong???



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Far as I know it's not glitched, just one of those tricky achievements to earn. It took me ages to get it as well. To earn the achievement via getting supplies from the Black Emporium does work, but you must leave one in the 'field' to get, for it to pop. In the end though, I just followed a guide from another forum and eventually, the achievement popped (didn't get any supplies from the Black Emporium either... all in the 'field'). Here's the link:

I followed that guide precisely and got the achievement. Hope it helps.

Did they ever fix Ogre Keeper?

I'm still haveing trouble getting the Sebastian achievements to unlock on XBL.  I've also tried clearing the cache, deleting the DLC and re-installing the DLC to no avail.  They show on the Bioware Social, but not on XBL :(