They really need to take away the going to the White House after winning the Super Bowl in Madden.  You could be in your 10th year in Franchise Mode and you will still be seeing Obama as president, that is just really stupid.  Also take away some of the continous talking Gus Johnson does after the win. It's the Super Bowl for crying out load it needs to  have the crowd noise load and excited, fireworks, have a longer trophy presentation and then last show the parade.

EA needs to look at the presentation from 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.  After winning the world cup there presentation lasts about 5 minutes.  There is crashing fireworks, tons of confetti, and the crowd is super load after the team wins.  It's pretty cool what they did with that game for winning the World Cup which as you know is the biggest award in soccer.

So for winning the best award in football EA needs to make winning the Super Bowl in Madden compare to basically real life.


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