Super Bikes?

I'm at lvl 25 and I love biking around the joint. I note when I browse the online auto-dealers you can get the Bugatti type super-car if you have yourself $1m, but as far as bikes go as far as I can tell there's nothing really above the Bati? (I think it is) which is really the starting level bike.


I mean, she's quite good for nipping around the city streets - NO CAR can catch me unless I **** up and I don't care how good you think you are, you can't take 90 deg corners at speed and I can so a few corners and I'm gone baby - BUT, out on the highways or if I got somebody on the back and she's very very vulnerable to anyone who has the horses, even starting level muscle cars.


So I want more power. Is there further bike unlocks at higher ranks. Something Bugatti like for bike enthusiasts?


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You dont quite need 1000 boring races. You really only need about 60. Totally worth it though. Plus you can make a decent amount of money if your playing with 2 or more peope. 3 people = 10,000 per race for the winner.

Only 60? Assuming I win them of course.


I put racing in the same category as darts, arm wrestling, tennis & parachuting - there's always something better to do ESPECIALLY 60 TIMES!

Saving them for a DLC of course....

Bati is the top of the line motorcycle in the game. Just upgrade it. I love the Bati too. Just finally unlocked all the mods for it. Turbo charge, race engine, race transmission, race brakes, beautiful pearlescent finish. I don't know how it gets more top of the line than that? Only the Akuma has more acceleration at default. And muscle cars cannot catch a Bati on the highway.

Not much more than a muscle car mate. I was hoping for something I didn't have to go in a 1000 boring races for, but I guess I'll have to live with it.


Why is there such a narrow variety of bikes?